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Document Purpose

This page describes the terms of use that are applicable when you're using Uzom.com as a customer.

These terms are governing the relation between Uzom.com and each customer, and they act as an electronic representation of the contract between such two parties.

Scope of the Contract

Uzom.com is enabling customers to register, configure, renew and resell (where applicable) Internet domain names.

A domain name acts as a string brand representation for a site, giving the owner the possibility to point it to a website content, where users can interact in depth with it.

A domain name also gives the holder the ability to change its internet service hosting provider while keeping the brand representation of the site unchanged.

You can find below the rights and obligations of each party (Uzom and the domain holder) with respect of such domain names.

By Uzom we understand this website, a service operated by Beetux Software SRL - an European company registered in Romania, with registry identification number J40/14977/2011 and fiscal code RO28056214, located at 1st Baia de Arama Street, building B, entry stair 1, apartment 49, room 1, 2nd district, Bucharest, with phone number +40.723193668 and email contact: office AT beetux.com.


In order for the customer to register a domain name via Uzom.com, a specific payment must be made apriori of the registration.

Uzom.com will require the payment to arrive in the bank account before such registration is attempted.

If payment arrives and then domain registration fails, the customer can request a refund of funds (minus any applicable processing fees), or use them for other domain registration/renewals.

If a payment is reversed by the originating bank (e.g. charge-back or via other means), the operational availability of the domains may be stopped by Uzom.com at any time, and the customer must restore the balance of the account at least back to zero before domain services can resume.

Transaction Safety

Uzom operates under the laws of Romania, a country part of European Union, and all Uzom customers get the protections and benefits of the applicable laws of that country. By accepting these terms you agree to dispute any legal complaints under the judicial system of Romania, Bucharest tribunal.

The communication between you and Uzom is encrypted for privacy purposes using TLS 1.3 protocol or higher, based on certificates having 256-bit (or higher) security keys.

Upon raising a reclamation with Uzom, we guarantee replies to your inquiries within 24 hours. As part of our reply, we will provide a resolution to your situation within at most 5 working days, or, alternatively, ask for additional clarification details (which resets the timer).

Return Policy

Once a domain is registered, there is no possibility to cancel the order or request the funds back for that registration.

Right of Renewal

The vast majority of domain names are registered for the holder for one or more years.

Upon the expiration of the domain, the customer can decide to renew it.

Such a renewal extends the expiration date of the domain by the number of years that were paid.

Right of Transfer

Any domain holder can contact Uzom.com and decide to transfer the domain to another registrar.

Uzom.com will assist the holder in such a transfer, by unlocking the domain (if applicable) and supplying the transfer code upon customer request.

Right of Hosting Choice

The domain holder can configure for a domain its own DNS servers, that will facilitate pointing the domain towards the Internet Hosting Service Provider of choice.

Alternatively, Uzom.com can provide the option of using its own DNS servers, in which case the holder will be able to configure custom hosting offered by Uzom (e.g. parking pages, resell landing pages etc).

Uzom.com reserves the right to offer for free or for a specified price, as specified on our site, such services - in the case of using Uzom.com DNS.

Surrender of Rights

If a domain name is not renewed by its expiration date, the domain is considered lost and no further services will be offered for it.

In limited circumstances, if Uzom.com is contacted immediately after the expiration date (within a couple of days), we might be able to offer to the domain holder recovery services for that domain against a one-time recovery fee charge.

Usage of Personal and Non-personal Data

What: In addition to personal data managed for the purpose of domain registration and management (such as first name, last time, email, phone number, physical address and country of residence), Uzom reserves the right to collect connection data, associated with your browser and Internet connection used to connect to Uzom servers (such as IP address, browser and operating system identification data, cookies, screen resolution, etc).

Who: Althrough such data is collected directly by Uzom, in some situations we might collaborate with 3rd parties that might perform this data collection for us (e.g. server hosting companies, analytics tools, advertisement platforms, accounting and digital security providers etc). When such collaboration takes place, we review a-priori the terms and conditions of our partners for the purpose of ensuring their technical maturity, ability to ensure confidentiality and hold the data collected to the same privacy standards that we would have done if we collected it by ourselves.

Purposes: The data is used for the following purposes:

Privacy Regulations: We aim to be compliant with the provisions of CCPA, GDPR and various privacy acts around the globe, where our operations makes us subject to be under their applicable area. You can exercise your right of opposition to the processing of your personal data, however in the vast majority of cases such opposition will prevent us from offering domain management services any further.

Related Entities

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an entity which oversees the Internet's domain name system. ICANN provides the following resources:

The .ro domains are governed by RoTLD, which can be reached at www.rotld.ro.

The customers located in Romania are protected by the National Agency for the Protection of the Customer. The agency can be reached at www.anpc.ro.

In limited circumstances, for specific extensions, Uzom might not have yet obtained accredited status as a domain registrar. In such cases we are providing registration services for those domains as a reseller of Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL, which in turn is an Accredited Registrar with ICANN. In addition, the contract agreement between you and Uzom will include by reference the agreement between the Accredited Registrar and ICANN.

The .eu domains are governed by EURid, which can be reached at www.eurid.eu.

Acceptance Of Terms

By continuing to interact with the Uzom platform, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions published by Uzom as part of this document. If you reject the provisions contained herein, please stop using Uzom services moving forward.

We reserve the right to modify this terms and conditions document at any time in the future, by posting a new version of it on our website at the current web address. Your continued usage of Uzom implies your agreement with the latest version of this document. Within 30 days of publishing a new version of it, you are free to stop using Uzom services, in which case we will waive any applicable fee that might have otherwise been charged as early contract termination (if any would have been applicable at that time).

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